Winter in Europe [Sorry, in English]


First, apologies to post in English, but I can only understand soma basic french!

My name is Pedro, I’m from Brazil :smiley:

Maybe I’ll attend Wuko in January of the next year. Wuko is a three days convention and the trip would not worth the airplane money.

My plan is to stay riding in Europe for about 14 days (including 4 or 5 days in germany).

I know that are LOTS of riders in France, probably the place with the biggest number of street/flat riders, So I was planning to stay in France.

I’m posting here to hear some advices about what place to stay! Paris is pretty expensive, so I’m not sure if I’ll go there.

Can you guys suggest a cheap city to stay where I can find a big group and nice spots to ride?

I’ll probably stay in an hostel, so the city should have one!

Sorry again for any inconveniences with the English,

Pedro Tejada.

Pontarlier :smiley: :smiley:

Here are some of the best riders… Loic Baud, Matt, Robin casti etc…

However I don’t know what’s the price of the hotels there.

And it’s in the east of France, near of the swiss (and germany too).

Were you has the agreement of Carvin in the North from 21 till 27 July?


I checked and there’s an hostel in Pontarlier! I already emailed them to have the prices (It’s not bookable online).

How much do you think I’ll spend for each meal? (Dinner and Lunch)

Thanks… I’m open to more suggestions and tips!

Hey Pedro,

I live close to Paris, and if you’d like to go there anyway (I mean although it’s expensive…), you would be more than welcome to stay a few days at my place. However, I am not a flat or street rider ! :smiley:

Tell me if you’re interested.

Thanks Gingo!

Acctually, I will study some other possibilities and dates too… I’m waiting an answer from the Pontarlier Hostel too…

I’m open for tips and suggestions!

Thanks Again!!!

There are lots of rider in Dinan ! :wink:

Salut Pedro! Je peux t’aider avec le français! Haha =)

So, here I am, as you suggested Pedro. I’m not gonna talk in portuguese 'cause nobody would understand and they would get much more angry with me! Hehehe

And, now that I can talk in english, is much more easier for me to say what I want to say! :laughing:
I want to meet some riders in Lyon, and I want to know if there’s anyone who can help me to find them! Heheh I’ve already searched in the forum and I’m sending people messages (pm) and now I’m waiting for them to answer but… if you are from Lyon and you’re reading my message, please contact me! I’m not gonna stay long in France, so I’d like to know some riders as fast as I can to see if they’ll be able to ride with me and to have fun! =)

Thanks guys, c ya!

ya l’air d’avoir pas mal de monocycliste au brésil , moi je serait a Rio De Janeiro le 27 :laughing:

Hello Again!

Well, after some months researching I found cheap tickets, and I’m really going to Europe this winter :smiley:

I will leave Brazil on January 14 and will arrive in Montpellier on January 15. I will stay with Adrien for about one week riding, and we will go to Wuko!

Hope to meet some guys in France and at wuko :wink:

Thanks for ALL the help… Sorry about the English!

If you lives in Montpellier, let me know and we can ride!


Pedro :smiley:

you and adrien should make a video …