[CFM 2006] French Cup - english version

For those English speakers who will be at the French Cup I translated the first and thrid post of the French Cup thread.

This post is reserved for official announcements for the French Cup 2006

ACUN, the University of Nantes and the city of Nantes welcome the French Cup of unicycling, October 27-29th 2006.

Our hearts fill with joy with the idea of presenting you our best unicycling sports, our training space, and our beautiful city…

We will do everything so that you are not bored, because if you do not want to compete, workshops will be arranged in parallel during the whole event.

This year, All Saints Day falls on a Wednesday; therefore there will not be a long weekend. However we will do all we can so that a maximum of events can be represented.
There will not be a formal trials competition, however, we will have a speed trials and street competitions along with a trials zone.

— Friday afternoon—
(Friday October 27th isn’t a holiday but it is in the middle of the school holidays)

Abbaretz (site of a pewter mine), 35 km north of Nantes

Cross-country Muni ride (many circuits are proposed, between 6 – 10 km long)
Uphill Muni competition
Downhill Muni competition

Downhill riding

—Friday Evening—


Trial in the gym

—Saturday Morning—
SUAPS Gym and SUAPS track


—Saturday Afternoon—


Basket Ball

—Saturday Evening—


Artistic Freestyle Competition

Video competition

—Sunday Morning—

University campus, racecourse

10 km race

—Sunday Afternoon—

Downtown Nantes (the Ricordeau skate park)

Street competition
Speed trial competition

A small post with practical information!

There will also be a welcome guide with a map of the site, the hours of the events and workshops, nice unicycle rides to do in Nantes, where to shower, where to sleep, where to eat, etc… for each registered unicyclist on the first day of the French Cup!


There will not be an official camping site, but a large grassy field next to the venue of the French Cup, which will be free to place your tents (showers are in the gym or in the racecourse which nearby).
For valuable items there will be a coatroom, which you may use for free, and it will be closed to avoid theft.

For those who do not want to sleep in tents, 200 meters away there is the petit port camp site where you can rent a mobile home.

Camping du Petit Port Val de Cens (Petit Port Camp Site)
21 bd Petit Port 44300 Nantes
02 40 74 47 94

There are also hotels (I made a list of the best places, that is to say not too far away from tram line 2 which goes directly to the French Cup venue, and known for good quality/price):

Hôtel Renova 11 rue Beauregard 44000 Nantes
02 40 47 57 03
Mail: hotelrenova@hotmail.com
From 32-55€ Showers, WC, parking 2€. Center of town and just next to line 2 which goes directly to the Halle des sports, main venue of the French Cup (between 5-10 min tram ride)

Hôtel Saint Daniel 4 r Bouffay 44000 Nantes
02 40 47 41 25
Mail: hotel.st.daniel@wanadoo.fr
From 35 to 50 €. Center of town close to tram line 2.

Hotel Saint-Patrick
7, rue Saint-Nicolas - 44000 Nantes
02 40 48 48 80
Mail : hot.saint-patrick@wanadoo.fr
From 34.50 to 49€. Center of town, close to tram line 2. tram.

La Marmite 14 quai Roche Maurice 44000 Nantes
02 40 46 53 19
Mail: restaurant-lamarmitte@wanadoo.fr
Close to tram line 2. 9 rooms.

Le Terminus 88 rte Vannes 44100 Nantes
02 40 76 93 76
For those who wish to travel in car, this is 5-10 min in car from the main venue. 9 rooms.

Hôtel Coeur de Loire 3 r Anatole Le Braz 44300 Nantes
02 40 74 35 61
Mail : coeurdeloire@libertysurf.fr
Two star hotel, calm welcome and comfort in the center of town, close to the University. 7 min from the train station. Near the tramway. Wifi. For those who have a car.

Hôtel du Tourisme 5 all Duquesne 44000 Nantes
02 40 47 90 26
Mail : hotel.du.tourisme@wanadoo.fr
Center of town, next to CHU and the train station. Parking nearby. Tram stop Place du Cirque.

Hôtel Duquesne 12 all Duquesne 44000 Nantes
02 40 47 57 24
Hôtel ** en centre ville
25 rooms from 35 to 53 €. Next to tram

Hôtel la Pérouse 3 all Duquesne 44000 Nantes
02 40 89 75 00
Mail : information@hotel-laperouse.fr
close to tram

Hôtel des Trois Marchands 26 r Armand Brossard 44000 NANTES
02 40 47 62 00
Not far from the tram (5 min on foot, 1 on uni)

Hôtel du Château 5 pl Duchesse Anne 44000 NANTES
02 40 74 17 16
cose to the castle, very pretty rooms, close to line 1 and then take line 2.

It is possible that it may rain in Nantes during the CFM, so come prepared!

Breakfast is offered from 8h30-10h00

Meals will be at the University Restaurant (University Cafeteria) next to the gym, Friday noon and evening, also Saturday morning (5€, which you can pay only with registration, we are required to reserve 2 weeks in advance).
For the other meals (Saturday evening and Sunday noon), a juggling association will come give us a hand (and we will pay when purchasing food).

There will be a bar at your disposition.

For security reasons, notably in the camp site (the tents will remain open), a locker system will be put into place.

You can leave your belongings in security; they may not be accessible all of the time (we will see)

T-shirts are available for 10€ in the following sizes: S, M, L, XL.

And the t-shirt design is above this post (thanks mono-benj).

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