American - Needs someone to ride with :)

Hello all,

I’ll be making the trip from New York to Paris on the 22nd of March and will be staying until the 29th. I don’t speak any [significant amount of] French, but I was told to post in this thread in English.

I’m traveling with my college international studies class and will be visiting many monuments, museums, etc. during the day, but my evenings are mostly free and I really want to meet some people to ride with.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to bring a unicycle. Hopefully someone has a spare and would like to meet up and ride :slight_smile:. I usually ride trials and street.

Anyway, if anyone would like to ride, let me know!



Great!!! We (my friends with I’m training and I) would be happy to ride with you! For the unicycle part, personnaly I have only a 24" and a 20" luxus… except my black dom could be share LoL!

Every tuesday evening there is a ride in Paris. The meeting place is in « Chatelet », I am sure we can find you a unicycle if you say you’re going to join it.

That sounds great. Hey, I have no problem sharing lol. Where do you guys normally ride? My hotel is near the Voltaire station in the 11th arrondissment.

That also sounds great! I did a little ‹ itinerary route › and it says « Chatelet » is only 19 minutes away by train.

I’ll give you both of you more details when it gets closer to the date. Here is a video of me riding if you’re interested:

*Merci :slight_smile:,


great vid’ I like it :smiley:

C’est tout ce que je sais dire :blush:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Haha ‹ Merci ›.

C’est tout ce que je sais dire :slight_smile:

yeah great :wink: great song to !

How come you haven’t been to school ? :smiling_imp:

I made a new map for the Tuesday evening event. The meeting point is the red cross just in the middle. Meeting is at 20:00 approximately. You have no warranty to meet anyone, especially when the weather is bad, or there can be up to 20 riders or more.

Subway access :
M 1 : Châtelet, Louvre-Rivoli*
M 4 : Les Halles, Etienne Marcel*
M 7 : Châtelet, Pont Neuf*
M 11 : Châtelet
M 14 : Châtelet
RER A, B, D : Châtelet - Les Halles

  • denotes smaller stations, more convenient for subway newbies

Bus access :
Lines 21, 29, 38, 47, 58, 67, 69, 70, 72, 74, 75, 76, 81, 85.

Here is a subway map.
From Voltaire, bus 69 is a good option, although it is only a 3 km walk.

Okay, that sounds good. I’ll probably be there. I know now that I’m free every day after 2pm. I won’t have a phone to use other than the public phones, so it’s probably best that I arrange meeting spots and times ahead of…time.

Thanks for the map and all the other information! :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

I want to apologize for forgetting the map and making you wait :blush: It was nice to briefly meet some riders though haha.

What were the odds that you would ride outside of a cafe near my hotel? I’m glad I got to ride for at least a good 10 seconds :slight_smile:

I had an awesome time in Paris. Here are some of my best pictures:

Oh, and my personal favorite :slight_smile::slight_smile:

Hopefully we can meet again!