I’m thinking about a unicycling tour across the Alps this August…no fixed plan yet, but just an idea.
Only problem: I dont know anyone who wants to come with yet! Oh, and if there is someone having done that before I would also be very interested in your experience.

Ciao vollkornsocke

(P.S. Im sorry for writing in English, I understand French, but talking and writing is difficult, but you can just as well answer in français!)

You should look up the forum, they had an Alp Uni Tour last year. We wrote an article about it in the 3rd issue of the Girafon.


It might be the second issue 8) look’em up

thats a cool magazine 8) I only knew the homepage before, so the article was quite helpful…merci!

…so now I just need someone to come with me…

I couldn’t agree more :laughing:

Would you like to do rough terrain, or only look to the landscape, by riding on the road ?..

If you want to do downhill, you should come some days to Chambéry, and the vasipaulette will enjoy to ride with you ! (moreover I could increase my level "auf deutch "! ^^)

Les français, si ce monsieur est motivé, on vous tiens au courant, ça peut être une base pour se faire quelques jours de tout-terrain en savoie à pleins …

I’m definately going to take that invitation to come to Chambery sometime next year!!! :laughing:

I don’t understand, will you come this summer 2007 or not ? :unamused:

yes, and right now it even looks like i can stay for two semester…