[trick] Hick overflip/180 unispin to overflip

Hi, I am new here. I just thought I would post this trick I did a month ago. It is a 180 unispin to overflip/lateflip. Hope you enjoy.
Salut, je suis nouveau ici. J’ai pensé que je poste ce truc, je n’ai il ya un mois. Il s’agit d’un 180 unispin à overflip/lateflip. J’espère que vous apprécierez.

Me and my friend are going to have a street/flat video out in a little bit.
Moi et mon ami allons avoir une vidéo en un peu.

Hey, welcome to you here :wink:

You’re the first to land it?
Gg, amazing trick

Thank you.
I think I am the first, no one else has it on video for all to see. A hick underflip has probably been done before I did this trick though.
I cannot underflip though.

Je ne sais pas si je suis le premier, personne ne l’a sur la vidéo pour tous. A Hick underflip a probablement été fait avant moi si cette astuce.
Je ne peux pas underflip bien.

waou what a trick! :open_mouth: sure you’re the first!

(however, it’s not necessary to traduce your post in french, use simply english, that’s all :wink: )

strimoo.com/video/12569054/K … Vimeo.html

At 51 seconds do you think it’s the same ?
EDIT: no sorry I’ve just seen it a second time and i saw that adrien touch the tire and not the pedal…

it’s a good training for me because i’m going to do my english « baccalaureat » tomorow afternoon .

Okay, I was not sure.

Yeah, people on unicyclist.com call the trick Adrien did a kickflip (he « kicks » the tire). Jon Atwell, Eli Brill, and others can do that trick too.

Good luck on the test/exam/« baccalaureat »

Thanks everyone, the trick took only around 3 hours to learn (after the 2 hours learning overflips)