Pros and cons of a 36" carbon

What are the pros and cons of having a 36” carbon fibre rim please.
Currently have the nimbus dominator 2 rim and looking to change it for the Braus carbon rim.

The main pro is the reduction in rotational weight. You save 500g, which is a lot for a rim. It makes accelerations and turns much, much easier. The wheel also becomes stiffer, so its behavior should in theory better and faster follow what you expect from it. In practice, I’m not sure it is perceptible.
The cons are the price (:money_mouth_face:) and the 32 holes. You’ll probably have to change your hub to match a Braus Rim. In addition, tires may be harder to fit on these rims. If you want to avoid hassle, you may be interested in buying a 36er TPU tube. I found that it was easier to set up with such a tube :slight_smile:

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Traduction pour que ça profite à tout le monde :

Mono_frenzy : " Quels sont les avantages et les inconvénients d’avoir une jante en carbone de 36", svp ? J’ai actuellement la jante nimbus dominator 2 et je cherche à la changer pour la jante en carbone Braus. "

Maxence : " Le principal avantage est la réduction du poids en rotation. On économise 500g, ce qui est beaucoup pour une jante. Ça rend les accélérations et les virages beaucoup, beaucoup plus faciles. La roue devient également plus rigide, donc théoriquement plus réactive et précise. En pratique, je ne suis pas sûr que ce soit perceptible.
Les inconvénients sont le prix (:money_mouth_face:) et les 32 trous. Tu devras probablement changer ton moyeu pour l’adapter à la jante en carbone. De plus, les pneus peuvent être plus difficiles à monter sur ces jantes. Si tu veux éviter les pb, ça peut être intéressant d’acheter une chambre à air ultralégère en TPU (polyuréthane thermoplastique). J’ai trouvé que c’était plus facile à mettre en place avec une roue de 36 pouces :slight_smile: "

@Mono_frenzy posé la question mais (je suppose que) devant le faible nombre de réponses, il a posé la question ici. J’ai répondu aujourd’hui sur

It’s also easier to stabilize byt juming when you stop. It’s a 36" in spped that feels like a 29" in maneuvrability. I would not go back from it.

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I have been following the nextie thread on the international forum as I’m in the Uk
I did have a nextie rim but with all the blow offs i decided not to use it.
It was a dream to ride with the lighter rim

It will have to be the Braus rim purely because it works with the nightrider tyre.

The T monster I believe to date is the only tyre that works on the nextie but as I’m in the uk the cost of one of these tyres is around £200GBP when I can source one.

That’s my reasoning of changing to Braus. With regard to the build quality how shocking are there please?

At over £500GBP a rim I would like near on perfect.

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I rode my nextie with KG ultimate at 2,8bar with no problem, just avoid high pressure. It’s a nice rim!

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I didn’t ride mine much, but it’s also at 2.5/2/8 bar with zero prob.

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