Please give some Info

Hi all.
I hope i’m writing in the right selection of the forum. …anyway…
I’m alessio,an italian juggler, i’m sorry but i don’t understand french lenguage,apologize me.
Looking around on the web a lot of countries had unicycle federation or some similar organizations.
Here we live in the past :frowning:
No organization and not much people that love uniriding -__-
NOW i LOVE this ^^
A lot of Videos avaible on the web are french, where furthermore seem to be a lot of convention or events.
Than i decided to ask if any of you can inform in English obout meeting, convention, event anything can be interesting for italian people ^^

You can leave a post on or mail me.I will forward date and info.
Thank you guys.

Buona Strada.

Hi Quarl, Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
I can’t speak for every people reading and posting into the forum but it seems quite difficult to translate every post concerning conventions and events :cry:
This would averload the forum just for a little bunch of buddies (though you’re certainly worth it :wink: ) and would take too much time.
So How can you stay in touch with our unicycling community?
You can either learn how to speak french :confused: or create « your » Italian unicyclist community and find a fellow who could spread the news about french events…
…maybe someone around here can speak Italian (MarcZ?) and tell you about the unicycling activity?

Welcome again, I wish you a good ride 8)

Now in the meantime, you can check out our calendar of events..

There will be a rather big convention in the south of France, near Toulouse so relatively close to Italy (assuming you live up north).
It is organized by Yoggi so it should be a lot of fun.

Ciao Quarl,
posso provare di lasciare messaggi in italiano su un sito web per dire le notizie e che tutti capiscono. Lo piu facile sarebbe di creare un sito web come il nostro per dire le cose che succedono.
C’e uno sito in Spagna dove una di noi a gia lasciato messagi. Potrei fare lo stesso con voi. Gia volevo farlo, ma non sapevo come trovare un sito per questo.
C’e gia un suggetto nel forum del sito di giocoleria sul monociclo? (come dici in italiano? monocicleta? monociclo?).
Non posso ti giurare di pensarlo cada volta che c’e qualcosa, ma provo di farlo.
Se no, forse e possibile di creare un sugetto per italiani qui? Ma non sono sicuro che sara conosciuto di voi.
Dobbiamo pensare a essere piu internazionali.

Pour les francais, traduction de ce que je raconte, version courte.
Je me propose d’essayer de leur laisser des messages sur le site pour les tenir au courant des rencontres d’ici.
Je lance egalement l’idee de reserver un sujet aux monocyclistes italiens sur notre forum, mais ca sera peut etre pas tres concluant, le temps qu’ils soient mis au courant (et s’ils sont assez nombreux).
Question aux francais : y a pas un site europeen de mono ou on peut recenser les rencontres en europe? Ca serait peut etre le plus simple pour eux.

Nihon-go ga dekimassen ka ?
Donde esta el señor Manuel Pellizzari ?

Ehy guys Thanks a lot for your answer!

I know traslate any topic is something that can drive people mad, it’s impossible. But recently i’m tryng to internationalize my love for juggling looking for other forum like, jugglingDB or spanish one or yours.

The problem is the lenguage. I know that create a section fot italian can be quite useless, but i ask you to post, as well in french, in

The last is a forum created few weeks ago where i want to keep your suggestion about unicycling . As soon as possible i will open an International Section, some users know english or french or spanish, than people from anywhere can post in his lenguage and after we will traslate, at least most important post^^:


Complimenti per il tuo italiano, scriverlo penso sia più difficile che parlarlo^^
Ti ringrazio per l’attenzione e per la risposta: noi diciamo uniciclo o monociclo.
Se ti va ti kiedo di mantenere la tua intenzione di postare info presso il sito italiano,fallo anke in francese e se hai dubbi su dove e come contattami pure.Sarebbe bello creare una rete di collaborazione internazionale…Lo so penso e sogno in grande ma da qualke parte bisogna pur partire.
Grazie a tutti e a presto!

Buona Strada