Greetings from Russia, need advice to buy mono in Paris !

Hello !
I’m just planning to visit Paris soon, and it’s will be great
if I can find one 26-29 monocycle for me.
I’m not shure what label it must be, may be QU-AX,
may be something else…
I’m already have 20", and ready for biggest one ))
Thank you very much !

PS Yes, I can use google, but it’s not so easy, because all sites is on French…


in paris it’s very difficult to get a unicycle shop
the better shop is in Lyon :wink: if you want a lot of choice
but if you are lucky, maybe one parisien unicyclist sell his 29??!!!

there are this shop: but it’s not the best

Sure, I’ll be in Paris about 9 days, so I have chance to find uni and have time to ride in Paris

Thank you, will check it !

Well, to be perfectly honest, there is this shop. The owner speaks English, and no one really mentioned that because there has been many reports of pathetic customer service, besides prices are on the higher side of the scale, then again, if you don’t have much time it might be a good option for you. Удачи !

euh thieum, j’ai mis passepasse en lien hein…

if you can wait, municycle or cdk could send a uni in russia
and there are some sellers in hungria

Oops, my mistake I posted a link to the same shop as the other poster. Never mind then…
@Laroulette : J’ai même pas lu le lien, tu m’as tellement conditionné que je pensais que tu le renvoyais au CDK…