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international night

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international night

Messagede gagou9 » 26 Fév 2012, 04:11

david weichenbergen a écrit: Hi David, Nikki, Hallo world :)

I like your idea of an International-Night. For sure more unicyclist from all over are interested for that reason I add a some more people from all over the planet to this email. Unicon16 should be a place where International- & Intercultural- people meet,this isa main idea of Unicon16. We have lots of time scheduled where unicyclist have time to meet and share there time. For a big international "evening" or meeting we have 3 Ideas for time and facilities that could be good. -Half time Party on 26th Half time party is the time when all competitors have time to party, as the next day is gaudi-day. a fun day without competition. I think this would proberbly best, but please let me know also your ideas.

-Gaudi-Day on 27th. Gaudiday would also be a perfect time. As we have lots of facilities and can spread activities over the whole day. Maybe one evening is to little time for the whole world :)

- Workshop time We could also spread it over whole Unicon16 and do every day a different culture in Workshop time every day. There is 3 hours every day during lunch time to do Workshops and cultrualevents.

Please let me know all your thoughts about an" international meetings"

I would like to use this email as kind of Brainstorming.

Write all your thoughts and help us to make Unicon16 a big come together.

I also like to spread an idea we have for the opening ceremony. On the very first day just before the parade starts we like to have a "Birthday-Meeting". Meaning, You meet the persons that has the same birthday as you. And everybody else meets the unicyclists that have the same birthday as they have. As example I would go to the 19th of March and meet everybody who has the same birthday as I. This will happen in the stadiumon the track,everymeter of the 400m circle represents a day of the year. so everybody can find his birthday by just walking one round in the stadium and stopping at hisor her birthday sign. The whole circle in the stadiumrepresentsall366 days of a year.

Please help spreading this Idea.

Thanks for your help DAvid Unicon16-OK

David Buchanan a écrit:Nikki - Do you have any thoughts along this line?

Good morning David, I thought of this from an evening at the Asia-Pacific Unicycle Championships at Seoul last year. After the dinner on the "social evening", the Japanese girls organised origami folding. The younger people had a wonderful time.

So my ideas would be to have an international evening where different countries showed off something of their country, preferably as an activity. I am really thinking of a "fun night", more for teenagers. (In Australia, this is what we would have at a venue withoutalcoholforteenagers but I amnot sure what happens in Europe.) Some of my thoughts are: . Japanese - origami (they have very goodskills and it is simple - needs tables or floor space) . Australians - I'm thinking of teaching people how to drink hot chocolate or coffee through chocolate Tim Tam biscuits (something quaintly Australian, needs access to hot chocolate or coffee making facilities, cups, etc. We would supply a number of packets of Tim Tams.) . Other activities - national folk dancing or singing. - juggling - face painting (this was done in NewZealand)

Any ideas of how many people would turn up to something like this? What facilities would be available?


David W a écrit:On 20/02/2012, at 10:26 PM, David Weichenberger wrote:

Hi David

Can you tell me more about your idea of a Internationalevening.

We have some ideas towards that direction, but did not finalize any of them. Would be great to get some more inspiration.

Thanks DAvid

qu'est-ce que les français pourraient proposer ?
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Re: international night

Messagede gagou9 » 14 Mar 2012, 12:36

tiens, je viens de me rendre compte que le message posté n'est pas du tout celui envoyé...
j'avais tout bien traduit pour que tout le monde puisse lire et répondre, et que vois-je ? juste un double poste de merde...

au fait, y'a-t-il des gens qui lisent ici ?

(ps : je suis très très frustré d'avoir passé du temps à traduire et qu'en fait le texte est perdu. ça me trou le cul, comme on dit.)
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Re: international night

Messagede Sam » 14 Mar 2012, 14:50

gagou9 a écrit:au fait, y'a-t-il des gens qui lisent ici ?
Mais oui mon p'tit Gagou il y a des gens qui lisent !
gagou9 a écrit:juste un double poste de merde... (...) ça me trou le cul
Par contre je ne sais pas si je vais continuer à lire longtemps :roll:
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Re: international night

Messagede Una » 14 Mar 2012, 16:07

Moi j'ai pas encore appris...
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